Tuesday, November 04, 2008

tiny cute things

I love tiny cute things and i found out that I can do mine. Here's my first attempt of it using only mouse on my photoshop editor (CS3 Extended).

It's my first try so I cannot give a tutorial yet but just to give you an insight here's some info:
Colors I used - For the lining using the pencil tool;

  • ribbon - #b1488b
  • hair -#492703
  • skin - #f7b57b
  • dress - #7b57b
  • buttons - #7b93ad
  • bear - #af6210
For the flood fill color using the magic wand tool;

  • ribbon - #fec5d4
  • hair - # 5a5a5a
  • skin - #fedec5
  • dress - #fcbdd0
  • buttons - #d8e0ed

And for a tip for the text on this tiny image set the anti-aliasing mode to none to make the text more clearer.


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