Friday, October 10, 2008

Protecting your images

We all know the fact that once we upload our images on the net there's no guarantee that it won't be copied. Some webmaster even tried to protect their works by disabling the right click on the images or the entire site , works on newbie but not to the general net user. Disabling right click only slightly works in IE. And you are dealing with MAJOR Firefox and other browser users on the internet now where it does not work. Besides - Screenshots are well known. So I think using watermark is the best way and I feel sharing it today on how I put mine using Photoshop.

Using this image :

Click the Horizontal Type Tool (T)

Type your name or you can even use your own logo.

On the image above I used these settings; on the letter '©' I used a Segoe font, a bold font-style, the size is 72 pt and the anti-aliasing method is Crisp; on the word 'florence' I used a Mistral font, regular, 72 pt. and 'crisp' anti-aliasing method; and for the word 'STUFF' it's Astro867, regular, 48pt and also a 'crisp' anti-aliasing method.

For the font color use white. For the first effect of the watermark go to Layer - Layer Style - Dr0p Shadow. (As shown below)

Using these setting; For Blend Mode I use Multiply, Color - Black, Opacity is 75% with angle of 120 degree, using global light, zero distance, zero spread and 2px size.(Shown below)

For the second effect go to Layer - Layer Style - Bevel and Emboss. (shown below)

Using these setting; For the Syle I used Inner Bevel, Technique is Smooth ,Depth of 100%, Direction is Up, 2px size and a zero soften effect. (Shown Below)

Below is the result of the two techniques applied.

From there you can easily set the interior opacity of the layer on the Fill slide bar. (Shown below)
Using the setting above (22% interior opacity), here's the result.


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