Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Been busy the whole month

It's been month already since I last posted blog on my multiply, here as well as on my friendster account. Been busy for the whole month since Kaity's birthday Last July 1. But, no matter how hectic and complicated my time is I still manage to do some scrap pages which I am planning to compile it as a book. Heres' some pages that I finish after a couple of days for a two-hour schedule I set for myself before bedtime :-).

"Why cry?" credits:
shabby princess-Freebie embellishment ‘Harvest Spice’.

"Opening Gifts" credits:
Nathscrap-Freebie template.
Clickphoto-lien - a Freebie embellishment ‘Doodiegoodie01’.

"The Princess" credits:
Disigner Digitals-a web challenge freebie by a designer Andrea Victoria.
Scrapadelic- flower embellishment freebie by designer Ronna Penner.

That is all for now. Hopefully I can finish this album sooner. And expect for some updates from time to time...


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